Raffle Tickets & Coupons

Raffle Tickets
Perfect for your raffle or other event!
Raffle Tickets are Custom Perforated and Printed on: 5 1/2 in. x 2 1/8 in. #90 Lb. Index Stock Our tickets are printed and numbered by traditional printing methods used for many years.

We only use environmentally friendly soy and vegetable based printer's ink. Our tickets are NOT produced by digital toners on laser printers which are easily reproduced. Bulk packed. Numbers on Card & Stub: Start with 000-to-any custom number or sequences available. Most Orders Shipped in 3 days.

Roll Tickets
The most economical ticket for admission, raffle, food & drink purchases and cash control; roll & raffle tickets are available with a variety of imprints and colors. Printed on Bristol Ticket Stock Paper. Roll tickets are available in a 1" x 2" single roll or a 2" x 2" double coupon roll. Every roll is consecutively numbered at no additional charge.

Value-added Tickets
Value-added tickets truly means added value.
The value-added fundraising raffle program offers a new twist on the time-honored tradition of fundraising through raffles. These raffle tickets include a free color copy for your supporters as appreciation for their donation!

Look at how everyone wins with value-added raffle tickets:
For Fundraisers:
Your group earns $1+ per sale (depending on your selling price).
The value-added section of the tickets promotes your group.

For Ticket Purchasers:
Supporters have a chance to win the raffle.
They get the satisfaction of supporting a worthy cause.
All supporters receive free color photo copy


Fasprint will print customer coupons for any occasion in any size color or format. Coupons are one of the less expensive ways to advertise and measure results. Use them in all your out going mail, hand them to customers for a return visit, Drop them off at local restaurants, malls, mini markets.